The Story So Far

A man named Tootie asks you for directions, you go to a bar with him. You get drunk, Tootie passes out, you carry him to your apartment to insure his safety. Tootie tells what you believe are fabricated tales of his past, you receive a phone call. The phone call warns you that Tootie is using you and is dangerous, you make a break for the abandoned blanket factory like the mystery man on the phone asked of you.

Tootie catches you and tells you of two rival organizations built to create the future in their view. The Ticka Wicky (Time Cop Association for Worldwide Communism Installation) and Tippy Dappel (Time Police Department of America for the Purpose of Liberty). Tootie is an agent of Tippy Dappel sent back to protect you from Ticka Wicky. Some time in the future you take down the global communist government. You choose to side with communism and make a break for the blanket factory. You meet the mystery man from the phone call, his name is Roscoe. He shows you around an underground lab and eventually brings you to Tootie tied up and asks you to prove your loyalty by killing him. You take Roscoe hostage and demand weapons, supplies, a pet orangutan and a time-traveling watch.

You kill Roscoe and travel into the year 2040 with your orangutan. Tootie attempts to follow you but his brain is switched with the orangutan's in the time-warp. You and Tootie (now in an orangutan's body) find yourself in a heavily polluted abandoned city, run by children. A group of children threaten you in the name of the King, in response you slaughter them. You continue to explore and reach a gas station mart. You collect canned kidney beans and imitation crabmeat. You hear screams from behind the door and decide to investigate. It's three kids torturing one in the name of the King. You kill the three and rescue the one. His name is Sledge, he is 12 years old and wields a miniature sledgehammer. He explains the city of Dutton, a city where at age 17, you are exiled. You invite Sledge to join you and Tootie on your adventure, he excitedly accepts your invitation.

Sledge suggest the three of you go "klop" hunting. A klop is a pot-belly pig sized stegosaurus with an eyeball for a head and insect-like feelers for a mouth. They are harmless. You slaughter many of them and prepare a feast. During the feast an all-female tribe who defected from Dutton years ago, the Marconians, show up. They claim to come in peace and offer to trade for some klop-meat. You invite them to feast on klop-meat and ask them to join your fight against the King. They agree to join your cause. After exploring the wasteland for a while, you come upon what seems to be a prison. And then...