Friday, April 22, 2011


You decide to break into the prison, opting to proceed with caution when the time comes to confront the prisoners.

"They've got watchmen on the tower," Sledge warns. "I can't tell if they have weapons up there, but we should try to take them out from afar if we can."

A Marconian girl, Ronin, presents a raggedy slingshot.

"Really?" Tootie asks. "I mean, we have guns. We can just use our guns to kill them all. Even their 'Elite' group of hunters only had spears and dull knives, I doubt these guys will be armed any better."

Ronin ignores Tootie's reason. Systematically and with great precision, she methodically introduces a lead pebble to the temples of each guard. They drop instantly. Sledge looks on in admiration, lost in the beautiful ocean that are Ronin's eyes. She looks towards Tootie with great pride.

"Yeah good work or whatever, but still. Guns."

You begin to dig under the fence. This proves to be a simple task - the ground is soft from the warm climate. With all the guards in the towers down for the count, you easily slip into the building unnoticed. For an improvised prison-break, things are going unusually smooth.

There are guards on patrol, brandishing spears. Due to the size of your group, this is hardly a recon mission. You steam-roll the guards with your "advanced" weaponry. There are prisoners watching you kill the guards through the windows in their cell-doors. You stop and look into some of the prison cells. There is a blackboard in each cell, 20-30 kids per room. Every kid tells the same story - injustices, all their loved ones murdered, etc. You eventually reach a control room.


Flip the switch labeled "Master", unlocking all the doors. The prison break would cause riots all through Dutton. In all the chaos you may find it easy to slip unnoticed and kill the King, though the chaos would probably last for years to come.

Take the keys you've found with you and speak with each group of prisoners individually in an attempt to recruit them to your cause. With enough recruits you could go to war with the King and his army.

Hit the inexplicable "Self-Destruct" button. Decide who you want to take with you and run for it. You don't care about Dutton or the King or any of this nonsense. You don't even care about this time period. Time for a new adventure.