Friday, March 25, 2011


You decide to explore some more, you want to get a better feel for the area you've found yourself in.

"Well okay, I can take you to some sweet spots for klop hunting!" suggests Sledge.
"What's a 'klop?'" asks Tootie.
"Oh, you wait and see! Get your weapons ready!"

You and Tootie follow Sledge, excited to hunt some klop, whatever they may be. You walk for 10 minutes when Sledge stops you.

"Shhh... there they are."

Sledge indicates a group of large monstrous creatures up ahead. Klop, you assume. The creatures seem reptilian, with spikes flaring outwards along their spines, similar to a stegosaurus. They walk on all fours and are about the size of a potbelly big. Upon further inspection, the creature's necks lead only to one large eyeball where a head would be. Rather than a mouth, there are two thin "trunks" hanging under their eyeballs. They are using the trunks to search for and suck up mold off the floor for nutrients.

"They're pretty much harmless, which is why we hunt them," explains Sledge. "You guys in for some savage, inhumane violence towards defenseless animals? I know they don't look very appetizing but believe me, looks are deceiving."

While initially disgusted by the idea of eating such horrible looking animals, the curiosity quickly wins you over. You, Tootie and Sledge charge towards the tribe of klop. You and Tootie are having a ball chasing down and landing hits on the creatures. You are caught off guard by just how nimble Sledge is proving himself to be; he is effortlessly smashing klop eyeballs with his miniature sledgehammer.

Twenty minutes pass, all the klop who remain alive have fled into buildings and alleyways. The three of you gather your spoils towards the middle of the street. You and Tootie work on starting a fire while Sledge methodically butchers the klop-meat into more manageable slices in preparation of a feast.

Your fire finally gets going, Sledge begins to roast the klop-meat.

"So lemme ask you something, Sledge," asks Tootie in between bites of the undercooked meat of a one-eyed dinosaur-like creature. "Why is the word 'King' the only word capitalized in all these posters all over the walls? He like your 'God' or somethin'?"
"He's pretty much a god in our society. Our town believes the King is a benevolent force, ever present in our daily lives. Though I, too, praised the King, I never personally bought into this ideology to such an extreme. Most of town is more than willing to die for him." Sledge begins to hang his head. "I remember when I would, too. But those days are gone now, he's made me look like a fool and essentially made my decision to leave town for me. My old life as a Duttonite is long-gone..."
You tell Sledge to cheer up, that he's better off hanging out and getting into all sorts of unpredictable antics with you and Tootie.
"Yeah, I guess it's not all that bad."

Sledge stops eating his klop-meat and begins looking into the distance very observantly.

"Check it out, a Marconian tribe!" whispers Sledge, excitedly. "I thought they were a myth!"
"Marconian?" asks Tootie. "You wanna explain?"
"Back when Dutton initially formed we had two main classes of workers, those who preferred to gather food and those who would rather work around the compound. About 5 years ago the King decided that the girls would work around the compound while the boys go out and do the hunting. People were very upset by this decision to strip our right to choose what work we'd like to do, but most people fell in line due to blind loyalty. There was, however, a group of girls that defected and left Dutton for the wilds on their own, they are the Marconians. They hate the King, obviously with good reason."

The Marconians approach you.

"Keep your guard up," warns Sledge. "The Marconian's are said to kill males on sight."

You draw your weapons.

"Whoa, we mean no harm!" screams one of the Marconian girls, frightened. "Please, withdraw your weapons. We just smelled klop-meat and thought we'd trade for some."


Trade them some klop-meat. They have some silver pieces, a good deal of batteries and several cans of corned beef.

Offer them klop-meat free of charge.


Ask them what they know about surrounding towns.

Ask them to aid you in going to war with the King.


  1. I'd offer them free meat and ask them to join the fight against the King. Seems like the logical thing to do in this scenario.

  2. I'd offer them meat but ask for some batteries, those always come in handy, then ask them to join you in a war against the king.

  3. Offer them meat (yeah you do), but I'm curious to know about the surrounding towns. Or... can't you do both? Tell them you'd be interested in joining forces against the king, but are curious about what else is out there. Maybe you can gather even more help.

  4. Stop rewriting Dave's story Brian!!! It is choose your own adventure not a suggestion box :)

  5. I could have sworn I already responded to this one. I say offer up the klop meat for free and ask about neighboring towns.

  6. "theomegachrist said...
    Stop rewriting Dave's story Brian!!! It is choose your own adventure not a suggestion box :)"

    hey, jerkface, read the description:
    "...however if you don't like the choices feel free to suggest your own."