Saturday, March 19, 2011


You pace back and forth, feigning contemplation.

"There's nothing to think about, they will do you and the whole of civilization nothing but harm!"

You overwhelmingly decide that you don't much care for capitalism anyway. Hell, you've been unemployed for months and before that you were an part time janitor at the elementary school; what has capitalism ever done for you? And if the communists were going to take over anyway you may as well get on the winning side while you still can. You are curious as to how you would have "single-handedly" taken down a global government, but take comfort in the fact that your life will have meaning now that you will be helping stage a coup.

You quickly sprint towards the blanket factory.

"You fool!" yells Tootie, chasing you once again.

The garage door to the blanket factory is closing quickly. You manage to roll under just in time, not unlike Indiana Jones, or perhaps Batman.

Yeah, Batman.

Tootie is banging on the garage door, urging you to do the right thing and leave while you can. He suddenly stops.
The room is dark but for a single beam of light piercing a shattered window, all other windows have been boarded up. You are surrounded by stacks of blankets made of questionable material. You'd grab a feel, but are skeptical of possible toxicity levels. The mothball ridden atmosphere overwhelms your gag reflex and burns your eyes. You start to wonder what sort of living hell you have come upon. Truly, this is an abandoned blanket factory if you've ever seen one. Which you have. Often.

"Welcome to Ticka Wicky's home base," says a voice so boring and lifeless that it may as well have been a wooden plank talking. A muscular man approaches you with an oil burning lamp. "We've spoken. My name is Roscoe."

You tell him you know he intends to brainwash you, but it will not be necessary. You are for the cause.

"This is wonderful news, follow me."

You follow Roscoe deeper into the blanket factory. Because of the darkness you can see no more than 5 feet in front of you, but he seems sure of his path. You two finally arrive to a bookcase. He pulls a book out and a staircase opens up revealing an underground lair full of people wearing labcoats and armed soldiers with stoic expressions.

"Pretty cool, huh?" says Roscoe smugly.

You think it's a little cliché, but just agree with him to spare his feelings. He's obviously put a lot of thought and money into this. A lot of boring, uncharismatic thought and money.

He leads you down the stairs.

Aside from red hammers and sickles the entire underground lab is made of chrome. Your reflection is in any direction you look.

You finally arrive to a room with two armed guards. The guards move aside to reveal Tootie tied up in a chrome-finished chair.

"Now for you to prove your loyalty."

Tootie cannot speak due to the chrome duct tape over his mouth, but his eyes say all that need to be said. Roscoe, standing side by side with you, hands you a gun.

"Kill Tootie Carbunkle and you will be a hero among the Ticka Wicky. We have already done all the hard work, you need only to a bullet in his brain."

You hold the gun, a 9mm glock, up and aim it at Tootie.


Shoot and kill Tootie, become a hero of the Ticka Wicky.

Suggest not killing Tootie, but torturing him to get more intelligence regarding the Tippy Dappel.

Make a move to grab Roscoe, taking him hostage until the Ticka Wicky acknowledge all of your demands, whatever you decide they are.

Shoot the guards and Roscoe, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


  1. I am going to take the weekend off from writing this blog. Gonna try to post again Monday. Thank you all for reading and participating.

  2. Interrogating the poor bastard makes the most sense right now.

  3. "Make a move to grab Roscoe, taking him hostage until the Ticka Wicky acknowledge all of your demands, whatever you decide they are."

    I would demand something lavish, just cause.

  4. By lavish, I thinking you should travel through time to see what a communist world would really be like.

  5. I'd grab Roscoe. That dude is hiding something... I also like Ryan's idea. Why not take the opportunity to time travel into the future?

  6. As much as I want Tootie dead, I agree with Ryan 100%. Grab Roscoe, do some time traveling.

  7. I, too, am for the hostage situation.

  8. I agree with Ryan. Time traveling is a great idea.

  9. What Ryan said in Comment #3.