Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Though you are irritated by the combination of the sound of his voice while sober and the fact that he took the liberty of wrapping your towel around his naked body, you decide to listen to Tootie's life story, even if half-heartedly. You wouldn't want to upset what could be a dangerous, naked man in your living room.

"I'm all alone in this world," he sobs, "My wife died 4 years ago in a tragic accident. None of my friends will talk to me anymore, only alcohol takes the pain away. The worst part about it is that it's all my fault..."

You try to assure him it isn't his fault, despite having no context on the situation.

"You don't even have any context on the situation. Of course it's my fault, it should've been me on that log ride."

Due to the far-fetched nature of his story, you begin to suspect Tootie is lying about his past. Because of these suspicions you decide you'd rather not inquire for further details on his wife's amusement park related death. He decides it doesn't matter if you inquire for further details and goes on with his story.

"'Go ahead pussy,' I told her, 'What're the odds you'll actually fall in the fire?' If you could turn back time y'know kid?"

You drift in and out of the conversation. Regret this. Anguish that. Etc. You are on the verge of suggesting breakfast at the nearby diner.

Your house phone rings.

"You are in grave danger," says the monotone voice on the other end. "There's still time, you must leave your apartment immediately."

You are speechless. Tootie asks you if there's something wrong.

"Tell him it's a friend, tell him anything. Only I can help you get out of this alive."


Tell Tootie about the phone call and ask him what that's all about.

Follow the instructions of the mystery caller, he seems to have your best interest in mind.


  1. I would ask the mystery caller who they are and what they want from me in a subtle way that would not tip off Tootie. Is this a scam that Tootie is an accomplice in? And where did they get the number from anyway, how did they figure where and when to call?

  2. Alerting Toot would probably just anger him, I "something suddenly came up" and get out.

  3. I hadn't considered it, but "Em" up there may be right. Tootie might raid your place if you just leave him. Can you kick out when you leave and lock the door behind you?

  4. Tell Tootie, I don't see what could go wrong.

  5. Lie to Tootie. Construct a web of lies and follow the instructions of the mystery caller.