Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You decide that despite how great the duster would look on you, the only way to ensure others don't take advantage of his current state of vulnerability is to drag him along with you to your studio apartment.

A cab eventually approaches, you whistle for it. You drag him into the cab with you and tell the driver your address. He is hesitant to drive into that part of town, however his body language screams "...but I really need the money."

Upon entering your apartment you are ready to collapse. You had no choice but to throw Tootie on your back and carry him up the four flights of stairs to your doorstep - the elevator has been out for weeks. You toss Tootie gently onto the couch you found on the sidewalk of the nearby suburbs.

There is a wet spot on your shoulders from carrying Tootie, he is soaked in what you hope is rain. You sit on a nearby armchair and begin to ponder how you will go about cleaning the imminent stain on your couch. You fall asleep.

In your dream all of your teeth fall out. Garfield, an orange tabby, tries to sell you a new set of human teeth.

You wake up uncomfortable. Psychologically from the dreams and physically from having slept in an armchair for 6 1/2 hours. Tootie is gone from the couch, but his clothes are on the floor in a trail towards the bathroom. You can hear the shower running.

The contents of his pants pockets are sprawled out across the floor. Mostly hard candy and loose change. Mostly nickels.

Tootie gets out of the shower wrapped up in your towel. He immediately begins to explain how alcohol had ruined his life.


Listen to his problems and offer to help him kick his bad habits. He is obviously in a great deal of stress with nobody to turn to!

Ignore whatever nonsense it is he's saying, you can already tell you can't stand him when he's sober. Besides, considering your recent dream you obviously have issues of your own.

Tell him he needs to leave immediately if he's not going to pay to get that fucking stain out of your sidewalk couch.


  1. I'm more worried about my towel than my couch. Weird drunk man using my towels. I want to ignore his nonsense.

  2. Kill him! Er uh ignore whatever nonsense he is saying

    edit: my word verification for posting is spermin

  3. Listen to his problems.

    I want to see where this is going, I kind of want to see where this while Tootie thing is going.

  4. As much as I think ignoring problems won't make them go away, I also get uneasy when I actually have to do things to help others. Still, just I suppose just listening doesn't actually take much effort. Plus, I'm non-confrontational. I say listen.

  5. I am going to go with Listen to his problems

  6. listen
    because he might be dangerous
    and you wouldn't wanna upset a dangerous bum