Sunday, March 27, 2011


You invite the Marconians to your klop-meat feast.

"That's unusually friendly for a Duttonite," says one of the Marconians, cautiously. She is about 16 years old. "My name is Franney."

You, Tootie and Sledge introduce yourselves, Sledge seems weary of the Marconians. The lot of you fill your bellies with klop-meat.

"So, what do you guys know about the King?" aks Tootie.
"The King is a fucking pig..." mutters Franney, as if to keep the statement from wandering ears. "We did very well as a community long-before he came along, but people adored his charisma. The only reason he was able to declare himself King is because he's been here longer than anybody, and that's only because he hasn't aged past the 17 year point of exile."
"What do you mean he hasn't aged?" aks Tootie.
"I mean he hasn't aged. Legend has it that he's been a teenager for over 2 decades. Still, though his body hasn't grown, his attitude towards instilling so many rules over our population has certainly shown signs of adulthood. Miserable, awful adulthood."

Sledge confirms.

You start to wonder why it is that the King hasn't aged. Tootie has suggested in the past that the guy probably just has a growth disorder, this theory is starting to make sense.

You ask the Marconians if they'd ever consider a coup to take down the King in order to free Dutton from his rule.
"Considered it? Of course we've considered it. Unfortunately we're severely underarmed and outnumbered. Judging by your distance from the main compound I take it you're not exactly on his good side either."
You nod.
"The guy knows how to burn bridges, that's for sure," she chuckles. "He's only gotten more and more arrogant with time, and I don't foresee any end to his terror. The worst part is that his loyalists fail to, or even refuse to see the injustices that are right in front of them. There's not much we can do, they are ready and willing to die for whatever he decides is their 'cause'."
"We have been doing our best to take out members of his army," Tootie explains, "but we've been trying to figure out how we would go about taking him down directly."
"Well his chamber is deep within the Dutton compound, it would be one hell of a fight to get there. We would be outnumbered, but judging by the weaponry you had pulled on us earlier, we certainly have a technological advantage. The safest option would probably be an inside job, though that would require the recruitment of people who are both close to the King and harbor disdain for him. Something hard to come by, he doesn't leave himself open to most."


Suggest roaming the wastes a little longer, hoping to widdle down the King's army and possibly recruit more man-power for your cause.

Attempt a guerrilla attack on the Dutton compound in the night with the help of the Marconians.

Forget about the King, he doesn't seem so bad. Focus your energy towards exploring towns outside of Dutton.


  1. Let's recruit more man-power. Man-power is ironic, considering we just met Chrono-Amazons.

  2. Roam a little more, who knows who else you might meet.

  3. 2 - Guerilla attack

    It is the only option.