Friday, April 22, 2011


You decide to break into the prison, opting to proceed with caution when the time comes to confront the prisoners.

"They've got watchmen on the tower," Sledge warns. "I can't tell if they have weapons up there, but we should try to take them out from afar if we can."

A Marconian girl, Ronin, presents a raggedy slingshot.

"Really?" Tootie asks. "I mean, we have guns. We can just use our guns to kill them all. Even their 'Elite' group of hunters only had spears and dull knives, I doubt these guys will be armed any better."

Ronin ignores Tootie's reason. Systematically and with great precision, she methodically introduces a lead pebble to the temples of each guard. They drop instantly. Sledge looks on in admiration, lost in the beautiful ocean that are Ronin's eyes. She looks towards Tootie with great pride.

"Yeah good work or whatever, but still. Guns."

You begin to dig under the fence. This proves to be a simple task - the ground is soft from the warm climate. With all the guards in the towers down for the count, you easily slip into the building unnoticed. For an improvised prison-break, things are going unusually smooth.

There are guards on patrol, brandishing spears. Due to the size of your group, this is hardly a recon mission. You steam-roll the guards with your "advanced" weaponry. There are prisoners watching you kill the guards through the windows in their cell-doors. You stop and look into some of the prison cells. There is a blackboard in each cell, 20-30 kids per room. Every kid tells the same story - injustices, all their loved ones murdered, etc. You eventually reach a control room.


Flip the switch labeled "Master", unlocking all the doors. The prison break would cause riots all through Dutton. In all the chaos you may find it easy to slip unnoticed and kill the King, though the chaos would probably last for years to come.

Take the keys you've found with you and speak with each group of prisoners individually in an attempt to recruit them to your cause. With enough recruits you could go to war with the King and his army.

Hit the inexplicable "Self-Destruct" button. Decide who you want to take with you and run for it. You don't care about Dutton or the King or any of this nonsense. You don't even care about this time period. Time for a new adventure.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You decide to roam a while longer, attacking the compound right now would be a death wish.

The group explores for hours, you decide to take a short break. During this break, the Marconians teach you how to preserve meat by salting it to dry out. The end-product of this process is both effective and delicious. The group fills their bellies with kidney beans, imitation crabmeat and your newly discovered klop pastrami. Eventually, Sledge suggests packing it in for the night and making camp. The Marconians quickly agree. Tootie arranges a schedule for members of the group to take two hours at a time keeping watch for raiders or Duttonites. You lay your head on the floor and quickly fall into a deep slumber.

In your dream a large, ambiguous sea mammal stalks you. You go to court in an attempt to get a restraining order, but the judge rules that you have no legal grounds for it and scolds you for tarnishing the reputation of what may be a dolphin, walrus or whale of some sort.

You are woken up by the sound of an orangutan sharpening a hunting knife. Most of the group has woken up but are slow to get off the hard floor. The day holds nothing in particular for the group, as far as you know. All there is to do is explore, so explore you do. After about an hour of exploring wastelands that were nothing of interest, you come upon a dead end. A 10 foot high fence with barbed wire lacing the top stands in front of you with a brick building on either side. You can't see very far due to the smog, but it seems the fence stretches about 4-5 blocks. After a few minutes of pondering Sledge speaks.

"I think this might be the prison, I've never actually seen it in person."
"Ahh, I thought so," replies Franney. "The sign up there says 'PR ON', I guess they've had some cuts to their maintenance department."
"Dutton has its own prison?" asks Tootie.
"Mostly people who the King has deemed criminals," Franney explains. "Almost none of them have committed actual crimes. Dutton doesn't have a written set of laws, the King uses his own discretion to decide who comes here and how long. Most people never return."
"So there's a place full of people harboring immense amounts of disdain for the King all in one place?" asks Tootie. "Seems like a pretty obvious place to recruit more soldiers to our group."
"Well it could be dangerous, but would most definitely be worth the trouble if we're able to break the prisoners free and convince them to join our cause."


Dig underneath the fence and break into the prison. You could match the King's army with the prisoners on your side.

Forget about the prison, they're prisoners for fuck's sake! Having such a large army of psychologically broken and more than likely volatile soldiers would hinder you more than it would help you. Your best bet is to plan a guerrilla attack on the main compound with your current group.

Forget about the King, you're bored with all the sob-stories about "injustice" and "iron-fist rule". Ask Sledge about the areas surrounding Dutton so you can explore them! You can always come back to murder the King and his loyalists later.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


You invite the Marconians to your klop-meat feast.

"That's unusually friendly for a Duttonite," says one of the Marconians, cautiously. She is about 16 years old. "My name is Franney."

You, Tootie and Sledge introduce yourselves, Sledge seems weary of the Marconians. The lot of you fill your bellies with klop-meat.

"So, what do you guys know about the King?" aks Tootie.
"The King is a fucking pig..." mutters Franney, as if to keep the statement from wandering ears. "We did very well as a community long-before he came along, but people adored his charisma. The only reason he was able to declare himself King is because he's been here longer than anybody, and that's only because he hasn't aged past the 17 year point of exile."
"What do you mean he hasn't aged?" aks Tootie.
"I mean he hasn't aged. Legend has it that he's been a teenager for over 2 decades. Still, though his body hasn't grown, his attitude towards instilling so many rules over our population has certainly shown signs of adulthood. Miserable, awful adulthood."

Sledge confirms.

You start to wonder why it is that the King hasn't aged. Tootie has suggested in the past that the guy probably just has a growth disorder, this theory is starting to make sense.

You ask the Marconians if they'd ever consider a coup to take down the King in order to free Dutton from his rule.
"Considered it? Of course we've considered it. Unfortunately we're severely underarmed and outnumbered. Judging by your distance from the main compound I take it you're not exactly on his good side either."
You nod.
"The guy knows how to burn bridges, that's for sure," she chuckles. "He's only gotten more and more arrogant with time, and I don't foresee any end to his terror. The worst part is that his loyalists fail to, or even refuse to see the injustices that are right in front of them. There's not much we can do, they are ready and willing to die for whatever he decides is their 'cause'."
"We have been doing our best to take out members of his army," Tootie explains, "but we've been trying to figure out how we would go about taking him down directly."
"Well his chamber is deep within the Dutton compound, it would be one hell of a fight to get there. We would be outnumbered, but judging by the weaponry you had pulled on us earlier, we certainly have a technological advantage. The safest option would probably be an inside job, though that would require the recruitment of people who are both close to the King and harbor disdain for him. Something hard to come by, he doesn't leave himself open to most."


Suggest roaming the wastes a little longer, hoping to widdle down the King's army and possibly recruit more man-power for your cause.

Attempt a guerrilla attack on the Dutton compound in the night with the help of the Marconians.

Forget about the King, he doesn't seem so bad. Focus your energy towards exploring towns outside of Dutton.

Friday, March 25, 2011


You decide to explore some more, you want to get a better feel for the area you've found yourself in.

"Well okay, I can take you to some sweet spots for klop hunting!" suggests Sledge.
"What's a 'klop?'" asks Tootie.
"Oh, you wait and see! Get your weapons ready!"

You and Tootie follow Sledge, excited to hunt some klop, whatever they may be. You walk for 10 minutes when Sledge stops you.

"Shhh... there they are."

Sledge indicates a group of large monstrous creatures up ahead. Klop, you assume. The creatures seem reptilian, with spikes flaring outwards along their spines, similar to a stegosaurus. They walk on all fours and are about the size of a potbelly big. Upon further inspection, the creature's necks lead only to one large eyeball where a head would be. Rather than a mouth, there are two thin "trunks" hanging under their eyeballs. They are using the trunks to search for and suck up mold off the floor for nutrients.

"They're pretty much harmless, which is why we hunt them," explains Sledge. "You guys in for some savage, inhumane violence towards defenseless animals? I know they don't look very appetizing but believe me, looks are deceiving."

While initially disgusted by the idea of eating such horrible looking animals, the curiosity quickly wins you over. You, Tootie and Sledge charge towards the tribe of klop. You and Tootie are having a ball chasing down and landing hits on the creatures. You are caught off guard by just how nimble Sledge is proving himself to be; he is effortlessly smashing klop eyeballs with his miniature sledgehammer.

Twenty minutes pass, all the klop who remain alive have fled into buildings and alleyways. The three of you gather your spoils towards the middle of the street. You and Tootie work on starting a fire while Sledge methodically butchers the klop-meat into more manageable slices in preparation of a feast.

Your fire finally gets going, Sledge begins to roast the klop-meat.

"So lemme ask you something, Sledge," asks Tootie in between bites of the undercooked meat of a one-eyed dinosaur-like creature. "Why is the word 'King' the only word capitalized in all these posters all over the walls? He like your 'God' or somethin'?"
"He's pretty much a god in our society. Our town believes the King is a benevolent force, ever present in our daily lives. Though I, too, praised the King, I never personally bought into this ideology to such an extreme. Most of town is more than willing to die for him." Sledge begins to hang his head. "I remember when I would, too. But those days are gone now, he's made me look like a fool and essentially made my decision to leave town for me. My old life as a Duttonite is long-gone..."
You tell Sledge to cheer up, that he's better off hanging out and getting into all sorts of unpredictable antics with you and Tootie.
"Yeah, I guess it's not all that bad."

Sledge stops eating his klop-meat and begins looking into the distance very observantly.

"Check it out, a Marconian tribe!" whispers Sledge, excitedly. "I thought they were a myth!"
"Marconian?" asks Tootie. "You wanna explain?"
"Back when Dutton initially formed we had two main classes of workers, those who preferred to gather food and those who would rather work around the compound. About 5 years ago the King decided that the girls would work around the compound while the boys go out and do the hunting. People were very upset by this decision to strip our right to choose what work we'd like to do, but most people fell in line due to blind loyalty. There was, however, a group of girls that defected and left Dutton for the wilds on their own, they are the Marconians. They hate the King, obviously with good reason."

The Marconians approach you.

"Keep your guard up," warns Sledge. "The Marconian's are said to kill males on sight."

You draw your weapons.

"Whoa, we mean no harm!" screams one of the Marconian girls, frightened. "Please, withdraw your weapons. We just smelled klop-meat and thought we'd trade for some."


Trade them some klop-meat. They have some silver pieces, a good deal of batteries and several cans of corned beef.

Offer them klop-meat free of charge.


Ask them what they know about surrounding towns.

Ask them to aid you in going to war with the King.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You slowly open the door, revealing a staircase. You inch down the stairs.

There are 2 kids, about 13 years old, and one larger kid, about 15 and wearing a mask. They are surrounding one child in a corner, about 12 years old, and are taking turns lashing him with leather belts.

In between whippings the child screams for the others to stop. "I don't deserve this!" he bellows through a mouthful of blood.

"The King has already decided, you are to be tortured and left to bleed for your crimes against us."

"We need to stop this," whispers Tootie, "the more I hear about the King the more I want to personally break each of his fingers, one by one." You feel the same.

Tootie presents a smoke grenade. You assume he got it while looting the children's corpses earlier in the day. He activates it and lobs it towards the corner.

"FIRE!" yells one of the kids. They begin to flee towards the staircase where you and Tootie await with your weapons drawn. You step over the fresh corpses of the 3 teenagers, grab their prisoner and carry him out of the smoke-engulfed basement.

"He's in bad shape," worries Tootie. "We oughta crack open some of these beans, the kid has probably been starved."

You use your hunting knife to open up two cans of beans and a can of imitation crabmeat. The child is slowly waking up but is hesitant to place his trust with you after all he's been through. You offer him food, he accepts.

"I...I want to thank you guys for what you did back there. This whole place has been fucked lately."

You ask his name.

"My name is Resendiz, but everybody in town calls me Sledge."

"How did this place get like this? Why is the smog so thick?" asks Tootie.

"Well I don't know so much about the history, Dutton has been filled with smog since I was born. Generally everybody does their part for the community here, we hunt for food from shops like these and contribute it to the communal food stash, controlled by the King. That scumbag. He used to be a fair and noble leader, but lately something has come over him. I didn't bow my head when he was about 100 feet away and they took me in for it. I didn't even realize he was there, I was out on a hunt!"

You ask why they call him Sledge.

"Because of this bad boy..." He presents a miniature sledgehammer. "My weapon of choice, it took 8 other kids to take me down when I was taken prisoner for my 'crimes against the state'."

Tootie asks about the absence of adults and girls.

"Well the girls all stay in Dutton's compound, they do all of the thinking work for us, mostly community planning. Only guys go out for supply hunting, we're better built for it. Adults, though, have been banished from Dutton. At age 17 they are exiled from town. At that point they're over the hill, and anyway they always try to infringe on our rights, so we're better off without 'em."

Tootie interrupts, "What about the King? How old is he?"

"Nobody knows how old the King is, but as far as leaders go he was once as great as they come. He founded our town long ago, he's ageless. He's stayed 16 years old since I was born!"

"I think the King probably just has a growth disorder..." mumbles Tootie.

"Well I wouldn't know anything about that, but lately he's changed. It's like something has come over him and everybody else in town is just blindly following his newfound aggression. I may as well just leave right now, I'll be exiled in 5 years anyway."

You invite Sledge to join you and Tootie on your journey. He seems like a capable companion and has a lot of knowledge to offer on this town and its surrounding areas.

"Definitely! Beats the sure death that awaits me once I leave Dutton. Where were you guys heading anyway?"


Suggest finding and taking down the King, fighting for justice and the well-being of the children being mistreated by his regime.

Explore the "urban wilds" surrounding Dutton for a while longer, do some more looting, maybe kill some more children. You can always take the King down later.

Ask about surrounding towns, look to explore the vast wasteland that awaits you.